Depression: 9 ways to help kids overcome

9 ways to Help your kid with Anxiety and Depression

Just knowing the nightmare and the darkness I have experienced with anxiety, I fear for my kids to have to go through the same thing or worse. That is why I want to prepare myself for the off chance this happens. Now know according to Stanford Medicine article called “Major Depression and Genetics” that severe depression and anxiety are 50% genetics.

A large chunk can be environmental, which us as parents should be able to handle. It does worry me and hard not to think about or be worried, but the better prepared you are the more you can take off your anxiety and depression.

  1. Be interested what they are interested in. Even if you think it is ridiculous to them it makes them happy and that is half the battle of a parent. You want to prepare them to be successful in life and you want them to be happy.

2. Resist getting angry. This is good for you and them. You being angry isn’t doing good for the mood or depression of your kid, and it is bad on your health.

3. Choose your battles. Don’t blow up over everything, this just reinforces the anxiety and the depression that they are already feeling.

4. Be a part of their lives. Ask them what is the best part of their day and what makes them happy. Stay connected to their emotional world. Understand their dreams, goals, and their struggles in their life.

5. Watch them and pay attention: See if they are giving up activities that they enjoy, not sleeping, or changes in eating habits. Have they done a complete 180 in their personality? Show interest in their internal life without being judgmental. Most of them can’t help the depression and anxiety that comes on them.

6. Make sure the home environment is as stress less as possible, and make it feel like a home somewhere where they can belong. A safe place. You might even want to make a type of meditation current in your household, or family outdoor activities. My family use to play basketball together or go for a bike ride around the neighborhood in the evenings.

7. If you start to see it progress, don’t put off going to a therapist or a school counselor. Use all the tools at your disposal to make sure that your child’s situation is cared for. II was just out of my teenage years when I started going to a therapist, but it helped my situation not escalate in something more dangerous.

8. Be knowledgeable on the subject of anxiety and depression if you have never experienced it before. Talk to their doctor, read books, do whatever you can to understand what they are going through if you haven’t experienced it before because you can’t understand the darkness they do.

9. Finally, let them know it is okay to have these feelings and its not their fault. You will get through this TOGETHER.



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