Declutter like a Motha – Get rid of Clutter and Take Back Your Freedom

Get rid of Clutter for a more Free Life

I have a whole box of Trojan condoms taking up all kinds of space in my drawers in the bathroom. Sad thing is that they aren’t magnum or anything, its just a really big box. I just had a vasectomy and there is really no point in keeping them, and you really can’t re-purpose unused condoms except for extra ribbed water balloons for your kids, but that is bad parenting. So do the right thing and take them up to Good Will and get a tax receipt.

This is just one example of things you can get rid of. You should try and do a monthly purge. Not like the movie just a real in depth cleaning, not going out in creepy mask and killing rich people.

Own your stuff, don’t let your stuff own you is what I hear a lot these days of budget seminars and organizations. If you are getting owned by inanimate objects like Jordan owns Lebron, then you need a therapist. Not just one, I mean like a whole All-Star team of therapist.

Keep only what Brings you Absolute Joy

there are just things you can’t get rid of. Especially when it comes to your kids. Every little squiggly line drawing to that beautiful finger painting picture. Well eventually they are going to have to go somewhere, so hopefully you have a really big attic. If not, take high definition pictures of them and save them on a computer or in the cloud. By all means keep some out, but refrigerators and office walls only come in so many sizes.

Get rid of what us useless. Yes, your glass cased signed Kobe Bryant jersey is useless.

You will appreciate your stuff more when there is less

Quality over Quantity: If I had $ 200 in my clothing budget, I would rather buy 4 good shirts that I could wear all the time and would last, than 20 shirts that are $ 10 and not very good quality. It also takes the stress of not being able to decide what to wear and lets your closet breathe.

Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it. You are still spending money you don’t need to spend.

Use a Kindle Instead of buying Hundreds of Books

I know some people will say ” You just can’t replace the feel of a book.” Well when your bookcase falls and you are crush by your hundreds of books, that is not going to feel great. But if you are a book collector you will be able to save so much room, not to mention you can take your hundreds of books with you in one device. Can’t beat it. And don’t say that books don’t have to rely on batteries, and I will tell you an Ipad battery last about 6 to 10 hours. You are not going to read a book for 6 hours straight. If you do then I am sure there is a plug around there somewhere.  Plus books on the Kindle are cheaper, and you can put the app and read it on just about any device you have.

Movie Downloads

I would say this might be the better way to buy movies. I haven’t adopted this method yet, but think I am going to need to. We have all of our bluerays in a cabinet stacked three rows deep. We can only view a third of our movies when trying to figure out what to watch. We then have to take them all out if it we couldn’t see something we wanted for the first row. So usually I just end up watching Netflix anyways.


Japans declutter guru Kondo now has an app for tidying up


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