Handle Anxiety at work like a Boss

If you are working for the man you know that the grind of a 9 to 5 or shift work takes up 60% of your waking life. Not only is that really depressing to think about, but it is a lot of time spent having anxiety working to make someone else money.  Here is some advice to take the anxiety out of your job.


The possibility of victory lies in the attack. Generally, he who occupies the field of battle first and awaits his enemy at ease. – Sun Tzu

Get there early, before anybody else gets there. Then you will have time to complete task before all the chaos starts and the emails come flooding in. It is also a good chance to get your mind set in a good place to take on the day.  I used to get at my office 30 to 40 minutes before everyone else. I made coffee and drank it in silence, and I got important stuff out of the way before the day started. I might have been more productive in those 30 to 40 minutes.

Dissecting difficult task into Smaller units

Dissecting a task into smaller units helps us understand each component and see how they will meld into the whole. This makes work so overwhelming and you will be and feel more accomplished. Set mini deadlines for each part.

Expect the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Schedule regular training and quest for knowledge that increase your professional skills to prepare for an alternate career. Always be positive about each day, and work is going to turn out the way you want. Just have that plan B in place, and it will give you piece of mind in case it doesn’t.

Have a trusted Friend/coworker

Have somebody at work you can trust, someone that you might be able to vent to, or understands the complications of Anxiety disorders. It would be hard to find one in the workplace. but if you can it would be a real positive.

On the flip side  stay away from toxic coworkers. Ignore the negativity and gossip in the workplace.

Time Management

Practice time management. Make a list and prioritize your task. This will make you feel more in control of the day and more organized.

Take Breaks

Take a break. Go outside and walk for 10 minutes or do some breathing exercised. I have a kettlebell beside my desk and every hour on the hour I get up and do 25 kettlebell swings.

Vacation Time

If you have vacation time TAKE IT! It has become a trend of people skipping vacation to get more work done. The work is going to be there when you get back. Get away from the anxiety and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Read Below. If this isn’t a anxiety grenade I don’t know what is.

 Why don’t they take what’s due? “Fear,” says Scott Dobroski, career trends analyst at Glassdoor. “That’s the underscoring theme.” Some 28% of workers told Glassdoor’s survey that they fear getting behind while they’re sitting on a beach, another 17% actually say they fear losing their job, 19% don’t take all of their days in the hopes that it will give them an edge for a promotion, while 13% are competitive and wanting to outperform colleagues. As workers shoulder a heavier workload post-recession, he says others are afraid of not meeting goals.


Keep your mind occupied After Work

The propensity for those with work push is to go home and attempt to rest it off. However, this prompts a circumstance that exaggerates work, and makes you be lost in your own particular contemplations and pressures. In a perfect world, you ought to do your best to remain occupied after work investing energy out with loved ones and supplanting the work uneasiness recollections with new, better recollections. Attempt to abstain from moping, and rather carry on with an awesome life so that your work doesn’t conquer it.

Workout Before And/Or After

Exercise profoundly affects tension and emotional well-being, and ought to be a piece of anybody’s life that has an unpleasant workplace. Practices discharges endorphins – the body’s normal painkillers – which enhance inclination and decrease physical uneasiness. It likewise tires muscles to debilitate nervousness indications and there is some proof that it blazes cortisol (the stretch hormone) too. Practicing before work can decrease push all through the work day, and practicing after work can prevent the stretch from influencing you when you return home.

Make Work Tasks a Game

Another important methodology is to figure out how to make your errands into difficulties for yourself. Most work environments have exhausting, modest assignments. You can time yourself to perceive how rapidly you can finish these undertakings, or perceive what number of you can finish in a set time. There are a wide range of approaches to make transform your work into a diversion, and doing as such will give you the chance to both achieve increasingly while at work and make your work somewhat more happy.

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Leave work at Work

The hardest and the most Important. The company phone is the tool of Satan. You can receive business calls and constant emails after 5pm. You are also wired to think you have to respond to all of them. Your work doesn’t make you who you are, and who you are isn’t based on where you work or what you do.

It is hard to find a perfect job, and you feel like you have to stay at a stress filled job for the sake of paying the bills.


By taking into account the unfavorable factors, he may avoid possible disasters. – Sun Tzu


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I live in Burleson, TX where I grew up I was Time Magazine's 2006 "Person of the Year" - Seriously.....Look it up I am the father of 2 wonderful boys, and the proud husband of a beautiful wife One of my favorite pastimes and stress reliever is the KettleBell which i plan on writing about until everybody in this world has a Kettlebell in their hand. I love Wellness..... i have generalized anxiety disorder and been finding ways to get rid of their existence from my life for good and want to share my journey on that in the Blog as well because i know there are numberless people out there going through the same thing. Finally, i want to get out of dept - My plan is to get rid of my Credit Card Debt, student loans, car payment, and house payment. I will also have these techniques and trials in my Blog people can follow to hopefully help them out along the way as well. I also enjoy movies and just interesting facts for I will sprinkle some of that in here as well. I write about things i truly believe in and want everybody to have fun doing it.

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