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Form at a Glance: Horse Stance Gorilla Snatch | Onnit Academy

As we go down our journey together of swinging kettlebells like pendulums from hell (almost rhymed like a gangster) we can add some more movements to list to make things more exciting. Everyone who has ever played Donkey Kong will appreciate this move.

The kettlebell snatch is one of the best and productive workouts in the Kettlebell’s Rogues Gallery if you will. This move can burn up to 20 calories per minute if done right. The Gorilla Snatch or alternate snatch, uses 2 kettlbells alternating each arm. I would use lighter weight kettlebells on this workout for the form and ill get a more cardio workout and won’t bust your knee caps open trying to control this kind of movement with heavier weight.

The stance is wide, a little wider than shoulder width apart with a slight squat position to give you a good base and plenty of room to swing your 2 kettlebells between your legs. When you begin the swings keep your core engaged to get shredded in the mid section.

See a video from on how to do this Kettlebell movement



Form at a Glance: Horse Stance Gorilla SnatchSource: Form at a Glance: Horse Stance Gorilla Snatch | Onnit Academy


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