Keep your Employees Happy and Productive

Keep your Employees Happy and Productive

“The employees in the field are closest to the problem. Therefore, that is where the real wisdom is.”
– Colin Powell

I. Safety comes first. We want every employee to make it to their homes and families at the end of the day. There is no excuse for taking short cuts for any reason. Be mindful in your work area and look out for fellow employees.

II. Do not keep employees in the dark on decisions and procedures of how the company is working. Keep the employees in the loop or you relationships with them will eventually falter.

III. Managers are the ones that need to lead by example. Employees often mirror what they see their managers are doing. “In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teachings show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned.” – Titus 2:7

IV. Give employees sense of purpose and sense of choice. The guys out in the field are the most important part in the machine. They need to be treated as such. “The hard working laborer should be the first to receive a share of the crops.” Timothy 2:6

V. Hold employees accountable. If not other employees won’t take accountability for themselves and their actions.

VI. Give opportunities for the employees to improve and better themselves. Management should always be ready to support employees in their continuation of knowledge. Improve your “Farm team” (baseball terminology), before overpaying a star who has no ambition of going beyond his peak.

VII. Keep employees engaged in their jobs. Disengaged employees cost the American economy $300+ Billion per year.

VIII. Keep a positive culture. Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievements of the future.

IX. Give employees room and independence to do their job as they see fit.

X. Apply the “Hawthorne Effect” Share all the positive effects that is going on with your company with your employees. Employees who believe good things are happening are motivated to do better.

XI. Study all the information that will be in the job. Preparation and planning is vital, because if you’re failing to plan you are planning to fail. “By taking into account the unfavorable factors, he may avoid possible disasters.” – Sun Tzu

XII. Workers must be treated with humanity. Instead of laying down the iron fist or giving orders, present facts, ask questions, and let the other person suggest a solution. You help him or her think through the solution.

XIII. Communication. Keep things simple, there is no reason to be intentionally making someone feel confused just to boost an ego. Everybody needs to understand the plan or when it comes to adjustments the plan will falter.

XIV. Our workers are this companies most valuable assets. Genuine regard for our people helps produce desired results. Treat others with respect, dignity, as we would like to be treated. Use your own convictions to support others and make a positive impact on employees at work that will run over into their own lives. When you make a positive difference in other’s lives, the world will relate to you differently.

XV. Know the strength and weakness of your team. Apply their skill set appropriately to the task at hand. But always be willing to help improve the weakness by giving extra training within your company. You don’t know someone’s potential to be a superstar until you give them a chance.

XVI. Become a servant leader

XVII. Our employees are our Colleagues, Collaborators, and Partners

XVIII. In attracting the best people depend on the ability of the company to convince prospective employees likelihood of the big payout.



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