Kettlebell Get-Up: Improve your Bench Press

The get-up is loaded yoga. – Gray Cook physical therapist to Navy Seals and NFL Teams

According to Pavel the aspiring strongman with the get-up is repeating the childhood development process. Roll over, prop up, kneel, then victoriously stand up with more confidence in every rep.

Improve your Bench Press

Even though there are no real pressing motion, bench pressers has noticed their bench go up after doing the get-up for a while due to Pavel’s Strong and Sinister workout. This would be due to the hypertrophy of the muscles of the shoulder gridle. This shows prolonged isometric contractions build muscle.

The get up is a slow exercise so everything needs to be stabilized and not wobbly.

Here are the steps of the Turkish get up broken out by

Step 1: Roll to Your Elbow and Hand
– Lie on your back with your arm carrying the weight pointing straight to the ceiling.
– Bend the knee on your carrying side and plant your foot on the floor.
– Keep your supporting leg flat on the ground.
– Position your supporting arm flat on the ground at a 45-degree angle.
– Maintaining all four points of contact, roll to the elbow of your supporting arm. It’s OK to press into the floor with your other limbs to start the Get-Up.
– Press into the ground with your supporting hand and straighten your arm so you’re sitting up tall.
– Keep your eyes on the weight and hold your carrying arm elbow straight.

Step 2: Hips Up, Bro
– Contract your glutes and hamstrings to raise your hips as high as possible into a bridge position.
– Angle your body slightly so the hip of your carrying side is a bit higher than the hip of your supporting side.
– Create as much space as possible between your body and the floor to give yourself sufficient clearance for the next step.

Step 3: Leg Through
– Keep your hips high and engage your core to hold a solid bridge position.
– Bend your supporting knee and avoid catching the floor with your shoe.
– Pull your leg through as far as possible to the opposite side and plant your knee to assume a half-kneeling position.
– Your supporting hand should still be on the ground.
– Remember to keep looking up at the weight.

Step 4: Get Upright
– Push off the floor with your supporting hand in one strong motion.
– Keep your upper body straight and tall. You should be in a half-kneeling position with the weight overhead.

Step 5: Stand Up
– This is the easiest part. Simply stand up.

Step 6: Return to the Start
– Getting up is only half the battle.
– To return to start, begin by bending your knee and lunging back into the half-kneeling position.
– Plant the your supporting hand beside you on the floor, and shift your supporting leg straight in front of your body.
– Carefully plant your butt on the floor, roll down to your elbow and then onto your back.

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