Kettlebell Swing

Simple Kettlebell Swing: The only workout you will ever need for strength training and cardio

Kettlebell Superhero Workout

Look above, its a bird, its a plane, no its superman doing Kettlebell swings. If I needed to stress the greatness of Kettlebells and the Kettlebell swing, I’m done, mike drop exit stage left. More Proof look at the image below.


I know you ladies are opening up a new browser to order your boyfriend or husband a Kettlebell. And all you guys are ordering yourselves a Kettlebell and totally admit to having a bromance with Henry Cavill.

Lets talk about the workout to rule all workouts.

The Kettlebell Swing

Also Known as the Russian Kettlebell Swing. The best thing to come out of Russia since mail ordered brides. The Russian Kettlebell swing is a little different from the American Kettlebell swing. Russian KB swing goes as high as your shoulders while the American goes over your head. Us being American had to try to top it by going higher. But you kind of lose the intensity of the cardio on the American Swing because there is a pause when you reach the high point over your head.

Who Can Do the Kettlebell Swing

Also, with approval of your doctor, ANY AGE CAN DO IT!  If my son wants candy he has to do 10 Kettlebell swings per piece of candy, so he definitely avoids a bag of skittle and M&M’s. So either he does them and gets exercise or he doesn’t want to do the swings and he avoids eating sugar. Take that great parenting books ever made, I’m the BOSS.

I even have a newborn doing the Kettlebells. Tell me that the rattler doesn’t look like a kettlebell. Not sure how many POOD (Russian Unit of Measure for the Kettlebell)


The ZEN workout

This is the equivalent of Mr. Miyagi Wax on, Wax Off. On the down swing you inhale, and on the swing up you exhale.  This clears your  mind and gets rid of stress and anxiety also known as meditation. This also is a distraction that you could get lost in your breathing and do more Kettlebell swings than you usually do. It works for me.I keep a Kettlebell by my desk at work, and it helps with the stress instead of crying in a fetal position every time an email goes off.

Kettlebell Swing helps Heals Lower Back Pain

I have bad back pain, I mean I felt like Bane From Batman shattered all of my vertebrate. No lie, i was in the middle of a store and had my wife walk on my back to get the kinks out. Temporary pain relief, people stared, but it was so worth it. Then I got into more of a routine with my kettlebell swings and it improved my lower bank pain substantially. Here are the reasons and benefits of how the Kettlebell swings improves your lower back Pain:

Other Kettlebell Swing Benefits

  • KettleBells train your glutes – your butt
  • Improves hip flexibility – Gives that extra thrust
  • Strengthens your core – 6 pack y’all
  • increases your endurance – you can go ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!
  •  Strengthens joints and Ligaments – Not Bob Marley joints but I’m sure that cures back pains too.




Lower back Benefit is also explained below by Chiropractor Dr. John Sullivan in words I don’t understand so it means it is important information:

Using the Valsava maneuver creates a dynamic internal pressure that I believe supercharges the cerebral-spinal fluid flow. The interthecal pressure is greatly increased when you add movement to the Valsava maneuver. Cerebral-spinal fluid is pumped or controlled by respiration that causes movement in the sacrum and cranial bones. Now add to this the weight of a Kettlebell and you substantially amplify all these factors. I am not surprised people feel so great after a swing workout.3


It is a full body workout that is comparable to the workout of sprints as far as cardio goes.Rather than isolating certain muscle groups with each workout move (as you do when you lift regular dumbells or use a weight machine), kettlebells work all of your major muscle groups at once. In fact, kettlebell swings target over 600 muscles! That’s because when you swing a kettlebell around, your whole body has to work in order to keep yourself in control. With this type of workout, it’s all about stabilizing your core and keeping your balance.

You just don’t have that burning snot sensation in your chest if you have to go and run in the cold, or have to powder your crouch to go run in the heat. Put some music on and do it in front of the mirror naked if you want to and watch the results manifest you into a God or Goddess.

Main Muscles Worked

  • Abs
  • Glutes – This is your butt muscles – work it
  • Hamstrings

Secondary Muscles Worked:

  • Lats
  • Quadriceps

Other Muscles Worked:

  • Deltoids
  • Traps


Below is a video that goes over the movements of this simple workout for all ages





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I live in Burleson, TX where I grew up I was Time Magazine's 2006 "Person of the Year" - Seriously.....Look it up I am the father of 2 wonderful boys, and the proud husband of a beautiful wife One of my favorite pastimes and stress reliever is the KettleBell which i plan on writing about until everybody in this world has a Kettlebell in their hand. I love Wellness..... i have generalized anxiety disorder and been finding ways to get rid of their existence from my life for good and want to share my journey on that in the Blog as well because i know there are numberless people out there going through the same thing. Finally, i want to get out of dept - My plan is to get rid of my Credit Card Debt, student loans, car payment, and house payment. I will also have these techniques and trials in my Blog people can follow to hopefully help them out along the way as well. I also enjoy movies and just interesting facts for I will sprinkle some of that in here as well. I write about things i truly believe in and want everybody to have fun doing it.
    • feedthementalmachine - Reply

      I would start out with a 30 or 35 and take it slow in practicing getting form down. The trick is not to get a Kettlebell that is too light because it would throw off your form when swinging. From there will be pretty of room to go up. A good bench mark on excercise is doing a workout 100 swings and 5 turkish get ups. You don’t have to do 100 straight, i usually do 5 sets 20. When I get 50 straight, i would move up more. I started at 35 a couple of years ago and up to 90 pounds right now.

    • feedthementalmachine - Reply

      To keep things simple and to get a workout burning the 400 to 500 calories that you need.
      Right now I am doing a workout I kind of made on my own that I have saw muscle growth in my arms as wells as getting my six pack back and I am working on a full detail blog on that right now

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