Living with Anxiety and Depression


Should I be embarrassed of my Anxiety and Depression

I went back and forth in the book store, passing the section labeled Self Help for my anxiety and depression issues I have adopted. I was more embarrassed to go down that section than going to the porn section in the company of nuns.I’m not sure why nuns would be hanging out  in the porn section but it would be embarrassing.  I would have to wait til the ghost was clear and nobody was around to see me go down that isle with my best Inspector Gadget moves.

It shouldn’t be that way. We shouldn’t have any shame for suffering from anxiety and depression, but this was all new to me. The intensity was new anyway.

“Depression is just as real an illness as diabetes or heart disease. It must be treated with due care, because one of the serious side effects is suicide.” — Elizabeth Rose

Types of Anxiety with Physical Pain

While the vast majority encounter nervousness sooner or later in their lives, a tension issue involves managing elevated renditions of those emotions on a predictable premise. The experience shifts, however specialists have distinguished three principle frames: social fear, freeze issue and summed up nervousness issue. Manifestations incorporate devastating worry about others’ judgment to unreasonable assaults of dread to diligent, mystifying stress.

Those with critical uneasiness may encounter ordinary circumstances and occasions as activating. For some with uneasiness, simply going out can be troublesome. For others, the experience may be more nuanced. They may encounter critical trouble when confronted with an oral presentation at school or work, or may have particular fears, similar to fears of statures or driving on scaffolds.

Physical Pains Include:

  • headaches
  • changes in appetite
  • weight gain or weight loss
  • fatigue
  • body aches
  • weakened immune system
  • flu like system
  • sleeping too much or not enough
  • slowed speech

Mental effects:

  • feelings of inadequate
  • feelings of guilt
  • constant nightmares
  • feeling the tone of everyday is dark
  • lonely
  • empty
  • preoccupied with death or suicide
  • unable to focus
  • unable to motivate
  • involuntary feelings of negativity

What   Anxiety Depression Feels Like

  • A dark empty cold room that has no escape
  • Like you are always moving through quicksand physically and emotionally
  • torture of your soul
  • fighting an exhausted battle against yourself that you will never win
  • Always feeling misunderstood and ashamed
  • Hard to trust your own perception of reality
  • Everyone thinks you are a burden
  • needles of pain sticking your body all the time


The distinction between uneasiness issue and more basic sentiments of nervousness relate to recurrence and seriousness and how it impacts our lives that decides a determination


When I am not taking my medication, I get this inclination within me now and then that feels like every one of my internal organs are going to blast out of my mid-section and onto the floor before me. even if the sun is shining outside it feels dark both eternally and externally.

It begins gradually, first with a peculiar body vibration, trailed by a chilly sweat. At that point a million ghoulish contemplation come running into my head, similar to passenger autos channeling into one expressway like a strobe light of horrible thoughts. I can’t control their speed.

Every one of them are attempting to converge into one path, kicking up my nervousness significantly more. My heart is beating so hard I can hear it in my ears and feel it rattling my Bones.

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Coming to terms that Anxiety and Depression can be managed but not Cured

Stacey Rosenfeld stated to MIC

“Psychiatric illnesses [aren’t] a matter of willpower of choice,” Rosenfeld said, adding that anxiety disorder is hardly “something you can just get over.” Anxiety can and should be addressed through treatments, therapy or medication.

I have had success with a handful of treatment that have been seperate from the medications.

  • mindfulness mediation
  • self hypnosis
  • mood therapy and cognitive behavior
  • Exercise
  • Prayer

Make a list of things that make you happy to refer to when you feel depressed or anxious:

  • Your Favorite movies and TV shows. When I was in college I would be awake all night with extreme feelings of anxiety and depression that my stomach felt like I had acid eating away, my body was stiff and vibrating, and I felt so much fear. I would go in the living room of my apartment and watch a Season of “King of Queens” that I had on dvd. It always made me laugh and made me happy. It took the darkness away enough for me to go to sleep. I am the same way with movies. Anchorman is definitely a good movie to turn to.
  • Favorite websites. With our phones and Ipad with readily available internet connections, when the feelings come on you can go to a website that makes you happy in less than 10 seconds.
  • Have a pictures of good times or things that make you happy saved and easy to get to.
  • Have a pinterest board of just things that make you smile or laugh.
  • Write down at least 3 things you are grateful for everyday.

Oftentimes I recognize that what I’m feeling is irrational and crazy. I feel guilty for having these thoughts because I have a great life,  but I can’t just make the feeling go away.


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Complications we face

This obliviousness about nervousness not just propagates generalizations — it substantially harms personal satisfaction by keeping individuals from looking for treatment. The more presentation to and mindfulness we raise about tension, the better off we’ll all be.

Not only dealing with the physical feelings that most feel in nightmares or watching horror films, but things people say. Below are top things people should not say to people with anxiety disorder or depression.

I feel sad sometimes too

You are just stressed. It will be ok.

Just don’t think about it

Man, now you are making me anxious

You are just a worrier

Sadness is a part of life

Suicidal thoughts are Selfish

you are over reacting

you are too emotional

you are lazy and need to stop lying around

You have a choice to be depressed or happy

It is a sign of  weakness

depression and anxiety
depression and anxiety

Even the simplest of tasks are so much harder when you live with depression. Cleaning the house, working in the office or even holding up a conversation can be a mission for us. As adults, we’re expected to suck it up and go to social events, go to work and make something of ourselves. It’s difficult when you can’t even get yourself out of bed most days.

“Sometimes you wake up and just cannot face the world. There’s no rhyme or reason for this; it’s just part of the illness.” — Jenny Reilly

My mental state with memory or cognitive function had to be tested with MRI and EEG only to find out it is due to high levels of a chemical imbalance from anxiety and depression.

“It is not in any way a weakness of my character.” — Becky Lyn Carey


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