Negative Thoughts: What you feed grows What you starve Dies





When you are filled with the good stuff you won’t fall for the bad stuff. We tend to think it is easier to think of the depressing and negative thoughts, after all to us it is natural. Positive is work, but if we do it we can change our Thought patterns.

What you feed grows. What you starve dies.
Feed the spirit and starve the flesh, feed the positive and starve the negative.

If you can do this you will already be on a path to a more fulfilling and happy life.

Your life will move in the direction of your focus

Terrible musings of this sort resemble a colossal weight that we should bear with us. Hurtful thought designs make fulfilling anything hard, yet disposing of them is troublesome. If this becomes your main focus, you will head down that dark path. As yet, figuring out how to perceive dangerous contemplation can help you control them: Starve the negative and Feed the positive. Here are four circumstances you can put these to the test to lead a more positive and happy life.

1. Everything today is ruined

A few people ascend in the morning brimming with confidence that this day, everything will go as arranged. They feed the positive and starve the negative. When they endure a mishap, they are overcome by sentiments of disappointment and frustration. They feel as though the day is lost, and surrender. They feed the negative and starve the positive. This kind of intuition will crush any possibility of individual achievement.Remember, disappointments and inversions are unavoidable. The mystery is not giving mishaps a chance to get you down: transform your mistake into a minor hindrance on your approach to achievement.

2. Don’t dwell on the Past

The past is gone, and can’t be changed. To dwell on the past is feeding the negativity you feel. You can feel inside of you the illness it has caused. It is going to wear you down to your bones and slow life for you not to move on. Just like in sports they tell you to have a short memory so you won’t dwell on the last play and be successful on the next. If you think about the mistakes you will likely make another.


img_06223. Don’t Blame Others

A few people appear to have persuaded themselves that all difficulties they endure are the blame of others. In their brain, each issue or incident can be faulted for another person. Clearly, this is a foolish idea. Some of the time, our issues are brought on by ourselves. Be honest and make an accurate judgment of the circumstance. You’ll regularly find that you might be more capable than you had suspected. Recognizing your duty will at last make you more joyful — you will know you are equipped for improving later on.

4. Don’t count yourself out too soon

You’ve bound yourself to disappointment on the off chance that you choose you can’t achieve something before you even attempt. Who knows? Possibly you truly can’t do it — at the same time, it’s ludicrous to accept so in advance. In the event that there’s something you need to achieve, at any rate give it a shot before you choose it’s not inside your span. What you focus on, that is the direction you are going to go. Some of the time we think little of ourselves. You may astound yourself and find that what appeared an inconceivability is very feasible.

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Just getting by can be a struggle enough as it seems to be. Try not to make it harder than it must be by putting self-made obstructions in your way. Negative, ruinous thought examples can be one of the greatest obstacles to achievement and bliss, so figuring out how to keep them under control is key. On the off chance that you feel harming contemplations like those recorded above starting to itch into your brain, close them out by concentrating on something positive and something that you have a passion for. Quite Feeding the negative thoughts and negativity in your life and starve them.

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