My one year old dropping the Kettlebell like its hot and picking it up while its cold

One Year Old in KettleBell Beast Mode



I personally don’t know the parental guide to when it’s ok for your kids to start throwing up baller size iron, but I just raised the bar and made in One years old. That’s right my little Elijah is throwing up the kettlebell like a midget Russian bodybuilder. I am going to probably suggest Baby Crossfit.

It is just a 3 pound blue Kettlebell and he has only the one move down pretty good. My 4 year old has a 10lb kettlebell he handles pretty well also. I figure it gets them moving which is good for their body and also helps their brains which is good for ones that are developing. The kettlebell is also good for your joints and back, but providing good strength and Cardio workout which makes it perfect for the little one. Now I have to bribe the 4 year old that he has to do at least 20 minute workout with me before he gets any Ipad and has to play another 30 outside to work on his soccer that is coming up. Next, The Olympics.








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