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I live in Burleson, TX where I grew up I was Time Magazine's 2006 "Person of the Year" - Seriously.....Look it up I am the father of 2 wonderful boys, and the proud husband of a beautiful wife One of my favorite pastimes and stress reliever is the KettleBell which i plan on writing about until everybody in this world has a Kettlebell in their hand. I love Wellness..... i have generalized anxiety disorder and been finding ways to get rid of their existence from my life for good and want to share my journey on that in the Blog as well because i know there are numberless people out there going through the same thing. Finally, i want to get out of dept - My plan is to get rid of my Credit Card Debt, student loans, car payment, and house payment. I will also have these techniques and trials in my Blog people can follow to hopefully help them out along the way as well. I also enjoy movies and just interesting facts for I will sprinkle some of that in here as well. I write about things i truly believe in and want everybody to have fun doing it.

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